Artful Activism San Diego


Artful Activist strives to provide the visuals for many organizations. We love using any form of artistic display such as flying objects, street theater, banner creation and projections at night.

We also consider ourselves kind of a hub for all activists in the community to find out and share what other organizations are doing and try to connect everyone working on community issues together.

Some of the organizations we have worked with:



  1. Coalition building (through shows of solidarity)
  2. Activist skill trainings (in-person and online)
  3. Houseless support (gift drives, city/county initiatives, stop irresponsible development, grants for four bedroom house, free library, free food distribution, eventually get whole building downtown)
  4. Individual healing
  5. Communal living refinement
  6. Community arts (art installations, workshops)
  7. Political activism (street theater, press conferences)
  8. Creating resilient livelihoods (“teach a man to fish”)
  9. Provide artistic fellowships (freedom of expression)
  10. Sustainability Initiatives (“off the grid”)


We hope to bring people – first individually, then as the Artful Activist group,¬†then society-wide –¬† to a state well being, which we believe includes the following:

  • feeling loved
  • not being food, water, or shelter insecure
  • finding fulfillment in a livelihood
  • not feeling oppressed or brutalized for one’s identity or voice
  • being able to think critically and independently and then express those thoughts creatively
  • feeling the positive feedback that comes from making change in the world
  • being able to participate in alternative systems (economy, healthcare)
  • leaving as small of an eco-impact as possible


(To be accomplished in small steps, starting within our group and then the larger San Diego community, and then we will serve as an example for other groups, and they will also spread similar principles of a live/work/play cooperative guided by agreed upon principles and a hope for creating a better and more just world for all)

  • stop police brutality
  • end animal enslavement
  • get money out of politics
  • end houselessness
  • end wage inequality (raise the minimum, add a maximum)


  • hosting our own actions and art installations
  • supporting the actions of groups working on the above
  • growing our skills and teaching others
  • being fearlessly and tirelessly dedicated to being an artful activist